2011  waiting for awakening -clock-
         Quartet -butterfly-
         beginning of the landscapes
    2010  yui (ties)
         Doubles lumieres
    2009  dwelling in a boat
         color of silence
         Mirage of water
    2008  A morning calm comes
         Rowing Style
         personal site
    2007  Fireworks from the River
           Aristicratice Pierrot
           ・Fireworks from the River
           ・As the Sea Beginning from the River
           ・River Mail
    2006  Seven Stories
    2005  A place where fragment of beginning gather
    2004  Katsuhiko Hibino / Aiko Miyanaga INDEXLESS
           ・Danseuse rose saluant
           ・Encountering an Overflowing Ligh
           ・The reason for eternity
         my thread never undo
    2003  As Slumber Arrives
         Uncertainty of Warmth
    2002  Drops from the clouds began to fall
    2001  o/sentaku
    1999  Clothes